New Zealand’s food waste problem: What are we doing wrong?

Want to eat well, save money and do your bit for climate change? Lucy Corry meets food waste campaigners who suggest starting with your own fridge.

Nothing went to waste when Wellington chef Vicki Young was growing up.

Vicki, whose parents and grandparents were market gardeners in Levin, says her family feasted like kings on food rejected by others.

“My nana never wasted anything,” Vicki says. “She’d pickle sweet, delicious broccoli stems and make vinegar from apple peels. We’d buy the fish frames from the local chippy and eat ‘tag three’ produce [fruit and vegetables deemed minimum quality by supermarkets] in the most delicious meals.”

That “eat everything” ethos was occasionally embarrassing (Vicki remembers the shame of her parents stopping to pick watercress a long…

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