Meet the team of gardeners growing the future

Lynda Hallinan visits a sustainable organic farm where sowing potential is as important as growing award-winning produce.

Imagine an organic garden where honeybees share a flight path with vintage warbirds and recreational aircraft circling overhead. It’s all in a day’s work at Hamlin Road Organic Farm, which is situated just a bunny hop, skip and jump from Ardmore Airport in South Auckland. The airfield is the busiest in New Zealand – half of the country’s trainee pilots earn their wings there – but just across the road, no one pays any attention to the droning engines, least of all the bees navigating through the citrus trees and clumps of garlic chives.

Hamlin Road’s passionate team of eight gardeners – Arielle, Clint, Frederick, Jess, Justine, Manny…

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