Meet Otago’s ethical hunter

Sophie Merkens meets a hunter from Otago and learns about ethical hunting.

Enger Pelosi-Fear, Hāwea, Ōtākou, Otago

Enger Pelosi-Fear (European Pākehā) is a mama to daughter Fern, an early childhood educator, a weaver, a gardener, a forager, and a hunter. Enger co-founded a preschool where she aims to foster connection, shaping young minds into young guardians, and often teaches friends and women in her community how to forage, hunt, and provide.

After our own hunt, we sat in Enger’s wood-fired hot tub to chat about what ethical hunting looks like to her. It was my first interview conducted in a hot tub, made even more magical by the full moon silhouetting the surrounding mountains.

Can you tell me about your upbringing?

I was born about…

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