How to grow your own organic vege patch

woman in blue shirt cutting bulbs of garlic off a plant

Get your own Hamlin Road-style vege garden off to a productive start by sorting out your soil and choosing the right seeds, says Lynda Hallinan.

The eco-friendly gardening methods used at Hamlin Road Organic Farm work just as well in backyard vegetable gardens. If you’re wanting to start your own organic vege patch, try these tips:

Nurture your soil

At Hamlin Road the soil is as dark, dense and crumbly as a chocolate cake, but it hasn’t always been that way. Originally a no-dig approach was favoured, but it proved impractical to maintain as demand for the farm’s vegetables grew. The soil is now gently tilled to incorporate “heaps of seaweed, compost and lots of love”. They also grow comfrey in the orchard and make…

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