6 different types of salt and how to use each one when cooking

A close up of himalayan pink falling onto a wooden spoon

Know your Himalayan from your hand-harvested salt? Add a dash of flavour to your next dish with these different types of salt – but don’t forget to enjoy in moderation!

1. Table salt

In New Zealand, all table salt is solar salt, created through the evaporation of seawater and aided by sun and wind. It is the most basic salt, which has added anti-caking agent to make it flow smoothly. Large salt crystals are crushed to make fine salt.

2. Flaky sea salt

Made using an evaporation process in a pan.

3. Rock salt

Authentic rock salt is mined from underground rock salt deposits. New Zealand has no naturally occurring rock salt, so any rock salt has to be imported.

4. Himalayan pink salt

Pure, unrefined rock salt mined in the Himalayas.

5. Natural salt

Any salt marketed as natural salt has not been processed and has no additives and so it has more variety in texture and moisture.

6. Hand-harvested sea salt

Common in Europe, especially France, where everything is still done by hand, from the harvest of sea salt to the drying of the salt crystals in the sun.

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