4 items for your home to inspire natural and sustainable living

recycled plastic container, hooks with reuseable bag, Sustainable home book and cotton table cloth on brown paper background

Our pick of goodies for your place that are better for you and better for our world. Here’s our round up of our favourite pieces.

1. Sustainable Home by Christine Liu

Sustainable Home by Christine Liu
Sustainable Home by Christine Liu (Allen & Unwin, $32)

If you’re looking for the perfect coffee-table read, check out Sustainable Home. It’s an inspirational and practical guidebook to a more environmentally friendly household, offering tips, tricks and projects to help you lead a lower-impact lifestyle.

2. Handcrafted hook shelf

Keep Shelf 600 from icotraders.co.nz
Keep Shelf 600, $459 at icotraders.co.nz

Handcrafted in New Zealand, the Keep Shelf is made from sustainably grown solid white oak, with your choice of black, white and rose-gold solid metal S hooks. It’s the perfect simple storage solution in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and bedroom.

3. Fair-trade table cloth

Blue and white tablecloth from tradeaid.org.nz
$99.99 at tradeaid.org.nz

Adorn your table with this beautiful leaf-patterned, woodblock-printed tablecloth made from 100 percent natural cotton and lovingly created by fair-trade artisans in India.

4. Recycled plastic containers

The Critical Pouaka from criticaldesign.nz
The Critical Pouaka, $57.50 at criticaldesign.nz

Transforming plastic waste into beautifully functional objects of desire is what the team at Critical Design do. Their Critical Pouaka is made by diverting 1150m of plastic cable straws (used for insulating phone and broadband lines) from landfill and transforming them into containers that can be used to store anything and look nothing short of sublime.

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